My Personal Journey and Inspiration to Love Never Dies Custom Gifts

Loss, has played a huge role in my personal life, as well as in my professional career.

Losing someone so immensely special to me, resulted in a direct, and painful hit! In spite of my loss, I continued to envision a strong, positive, pillar of strength. At the time, I thought that strength would knock on my door, and be for me. There was no one there, with a Magical Handbook to guide me through. With such an impact, Death actually did defeat me, at that point!

As time went by, I found myself continuing to search for the right way. Drug & Alcohol Free all of my life, I needed something to Survive this unimaginable feeling of pain. My Faith Carried me through many hardships. My physical being, made me realize that, Love can not be bottled up, & Love has no ending either! (1 Cor 13:7-8)

We need to share Love, in order for Love to have meaning. My beloved had just taught me that I, was a Survivor of that LOVE! It goes beyond this earth, and is far Greater than anything. I began to Love Forward, with that message, regaining my title of SURVIVOR!

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See what others are saying:

Dawn R. – Oregon

I cried of joy, Knowing I had support with my brother's passing. His love will always be with me! Thank you for this beautiful message.

Georgia M. – California

It feels good to know that people do care in the world & I am not alone with my feelings. My angel & a prayer will be a constant reminder for me to keep going.

Susan D. – Arizona

Happy with my gift to honor my Mom. Great message to remind me to think positive, thank you LND!